Old book clubs

Organized Religions are really just old book clubs from back when each society had just the one book. It was kinda of a big deal, some garage startup had condensed writing into a mobile and portable storage media. Of course not a lot of people could read back then and luckily this new book format thing became all the rage. People started learning to read, first rich people and then later on more and more people. Huge market. It was amazing, only problem was there just wasn’t a whole lot of content in book format there was really just this one publisher and since most people couldn’t read there were even fewer writers. The few were however inspired. Clearly everyone could see that. They were inspired to do what very few people did back then, to write. In fact back then the average joe probably didn’t know anyone who could read talk less of write. So these guys were fucking heroes.

It has come to my attention that some of these book clubs have gotten a little out of hand in recent millennia. So I think people need to calm down and put things into perspective. Nowadays writing isn’t such a big deal. Lots of people write, we’ve got many more books.

I think these old book clubs need to expand their libraries and enlighten society with other inspired works.

Churches, Mosques, Temples and Shrines could take one sermon a month to entertain a discussion about something other than what they already believe. Something new. Something challenging to broaden the horizons of our hearts and minds. Something difficult to help us grow. Something at the edge of our comfort zone. Something to stretch the limits of our understanding and capabilities as human beings.

Something for the mind

– another religion
– anthropology
– psychology
– philosophy
– physics and chemistry
– history
– maths

On other days of the week places of worship should serve to deepen these lessons for the mind and also bring teachings for the craft.

– indoor and combat sports
– blacksmithing
– glass-working
– woodworking
– gardening
– cooking and nutrition
– computer programming and electronics

If you’re involved in the operation of a religious institution in Nigeria and you do not act now to bring at least some of these skills, truths and wisdom to your congregation. History will not judge you, for history will remember neither you nor your congregation.

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