I believe in Jesus


I believe in Jesus. Jesus is a fairly common name in Latin america so you could say I believe in many Jesus’s. Jesus is also an astro-theological metaphor for the Sun God.  I do believe in the Sun God, the Christ spirit he is my lord and and savior, the primary power plant of bio-energetic processes here on earth.

History is littered with other allegorical Solar Deities. Way back when there was no J in the alphabet, even then there might have been a Jesus or something close enough. They may have been many, like there are now or there may have been a few. I have a hard time believing it was just the one guy but what do I know. After-all I wasn’t there. For the sake of agreement let’s say it was just the one guy. This guy was a bad ass carpenter, healer, teacher, fasting marathon champ e.t.c. Last thing I heard he may have done his 1st & 2nd degree with some Buddhist monks somewhere in the east,  perhaps Tibet. Based on my evaluation of his skill set I’m inclined to believe he also excelled in his doctorate and post doctorate which he must have done  somewhere in west or central Africa. Remember this guy was gone for 18 years. Ran away from home to study spiritual martial arts at the age of 12. As in, baddest guy but who knows he may have had problems with his stepdad, this is why one should try not to judge others.

He may have been the greatest healer that ever lived. But there have been many before him and many since and there will yet be many more. His healing unlike that of Emzor pharmaceuticals, was lasting. He empowered people to stay healed.

Jesus CDXX
Moses is lit

Now I also believe in the Roman Empire.  I can understand why they didn’t like the guy, because he was bad for business. It was bad enough that the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare system suffered terrible market losses as a result of cures being available but this guy had the nerve to start poking around in Jewish politics trying to be king and all sorts of crazy.

Something had to be done about the guy. Rome did what empires do. It re-wrote history and contained the problem.  Psyops counter intelligence cia/mi5/mkultra shii. Many Nigerian Christians know the church is corrupt some even entertain the idea that their own church or pastor is corrupt but I think they underestimate the historical depth of the rot. In my wildest dreams I cannot believe Jesus would approve of the way churches are run today or what is taught in them.

Jesus attends city of David in Victoria Island MMXVIII

It’s hard to tell exactly how he would take it. Would he flog us like he did the abokis in the temple or would he have tolerated our beliefs out of compassion ? Much like the case of Haile Selassie honoring the beliefs of the Rastafari even though he did not believe he was their messiah. Or like Prince Phillip and the Kastom people who live on an island in the south pacific and believe he is some sort of god. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because I mention Jesus and Prince Phillip in the same sentence. No one is perfect and I think we Christians need to consider the possibility that Jesus also focused too little on carpentry towards the end of his career and too much on politics. I’m having a hard time finding other similarities, I can’t imagine Prince Phillip providing healthcare in the same way Jesus did but I hope he gives them medicines or something. But I don’t know much about Prince Phillip. I could be wrong and/or there is always room for improvement.

this is the plaincourault fresco depicting Amanita Muscaria as the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden. c. 1291 AD Plaincourault chapel at Merigny Indre District France 

If we say Jesus was a healer of any significant competence, seriousness and repute he would most certainly have known about the use of many medicinal plants. He would have known each one of the many plants mentioned by name in the torah and he would have known many more. Plants that the people could use to heal themselves straight off the land and thereby circumventing multinational Roman pharmaceutical conglomerates.

Jesus disrupting codeine addiction with old testament flora

So as you can see I believe in a lot of Jesus’s perhaps even more than you.

Great spirit of the Mother of Eve adonbilivit

I believe in other things as well. I believe in every religion. I believe in Galleillo Gallilei, Issac Newton, Albert Einsten, David Bohm, John Dalton and Charles Darwin. Their teachings of truth are as sacred as any scripture. Beyond what I can see I have unwavering faith in the intellect, spirit and character bestowed upon me by my bloodline. My mother and father and theirs before them. Without them I would not exist, they have shaped and molded me. They have shaped the world around me and given me the foundation of all that I am. They are Gods in my eyes and heart. To them I am infinitely grateful. Together we form the holy trinity : man, woman and child.

Mighty spirit of the water carving through the rock

I believe in the spirit of the water that sustains us all our lives and surrounds us in the womb. With reverence and gratitude I savor each drop. I believe in everything that exists, everything living and everything that appears to be inanimate. I try my best to never foul the sacred waters to make sure no drop is wasted. I dive in her depths to be enveloped by her love. I listen to her voice in the sounds of the water. I bathe in the touch of her raindrops.  It is said by the elders that she has not one single enemy in all of creation. So gentle the drizzle so fearful the storm. So fierce the current. So nimble this sacred being of simple chemistry. So clear and so pure. So powerful and magical. So dangerous and so terrible is this Goddess.

The sacred river
Climate change activists have long forewarned of rising sea levels as the God’s are vexing due to pollution from industrial scale bad magic.

I believe in the holy ghost, the spirit of the fire. The mark of man, stolen from the God’s. He has taught us to cook, so we need not spend the whole day eating and digesting. That our hands may be free for the creative pursuits that liken us to the image of God. He has protected  our forefathers from the deadly beasts many times our size and strength. He cleanses everything. Even today in almost everything we do we owe the God of fire gratitude, when we start a car or turn on the lights we summon the spirit of a fire not too far away. Every beast knows to avert it’s gaze and avoid the flames, every beast knows that where there is a fire, a man is somewhere near. Only mankind gazes into the flame. The fire never tells the same story twice. I pay this homage to the sacred fire like my distant ancestors before me, lest he retreat and leave me shivering in the cold. I take great care not to soil the kindling or touch it with my bare feet. I fix my gaze upon the flame and say my prayer quick and short : all my gratitude, all my strength. So many fires to tend I dare not waste this guys time.

Holy ghost
Great Spirit of the fire

I believe in the earth, the great mother beneath our feet she is literally my world. I roll in the precious dust on her skin. I press my right ear on to the earth that she may whisper sacred truths in my ear. She fills my cup with unspeakable strength as she urges me to hurry and bear fruit and multiply, lest the spirits grow impatient to return. She explains that the child is an elder who has died in the world of the spirits to be born again in this world. When the grandchild and the grandparent speak, she says : it is the discussion of elders and the father and mother are too young to interject. She warns that we must always revere our children and our parents as the great spirits they are. Respect precedes all forms of love.

From within the depths of the earth I feel the current of the Iron beneath as it flows between my two bare feet, the great God of the metals and master smith. His great strength holding every pillar of babylon that stands today. He teaches me the way of the smith. To summon the spirits of the fire and the wind. I strengthen my grip in response to his. I pump my bellow to stoke the fire, his spirit arises, the rock turns to lava, the spirit of the Metal shows it’s liquid face. She speaks lovingly of her mother who is no more. Her death the death of a great ancient Sun God. She tells me her mother died for me, that I may forge these rings with her golden blood. Of all the metals forged in the heart of a great dying star, she is the finest, her pedigree is mint. So noble and bright this gold was born in great heat far hotter than the hottest fire, for her the earth is a cold place, she is of noble blood, she cannot unveil her molten face for too long without the fire. I say a prayer and quickly cast my die. As the smith I ply my craft. Simple and short is my prayer thank you for the mint, the iron and silver, the platinum and gold. To the long dead star whose blood flows in my veins. Thank you for the earth, thank you for my body, thank you for my life, thank you for my soul. I see your spirits reflection in the spirit of my Sun God. Great Supernova great nameless star, you gave your life that I may live.

The way of the smith

I believe in the air great spirit of the wind. I feel her weight on my head and shoulders. She caries sweet scents of the forest into my lungs. Many spirits and angels walk freely floating, buzzing and flying inside her silky touch. Her wind caresses my skin ever so softly. I watch her dance a stealthy dance in the great eye of the Sky God and God of great thunder and King of the God’s. I hear her voice as she rustles the leaves and teases the aerodynamics of Babylonian architecture whistling in hysterical laughter. She teaches the science of fractals as she waits for the chosen architect to fulfill a sacred destiny. I blow my horn and she carries my message to any spirit in any place. The Sky God the great warrior with his gravitational sling. He keeps our mother the earth God safe from great rocks in the sky, rocks of ice and rocks of metal. Countless rocks of different spirits he traps in his armory lest someone offend him. Great rocks and small rocks his aim is always true. Even the warriors among the giants falter to his sling. An angry God is he.

I believe in the moon, who speaks to the spirits of the water in the vast oceans and in my once lost rib. Heedfuly I kneel before her and watch with care each moon as she she turns to light and then to darkness. As the spirit of her grandmother weeps for the wasting of her seed.  Wary of her darkness my rod and my staff protect me as I walk through the darkest valley. The black wood  in my staff cries forth as she strikes the ground the spirit of the ebony the black arch-angel of the forest, so kind and pretty yet stronger than the hardest steel. In the language of the spirits she explains that love is the choice and infatuation but a fleeting feeling. My rib and I she tells me are God’s in our own right we honor each other as such ever reverent and grateful, ever forgiving and kind. A deadly tigress to guard by my side. A raging fire burning in my heart.

The staff of the healer
Great spirit of the winds

I believe in the forests and the wilderness, the temple of the God’s creation. Home to countless spirits in every color and every form. I hear their laughter and songs from the trees and the air. Great mysteries abound as the Sun God set’s upon the forest temple for as the angels of the night cry forth from the river. Spirits of the tree God’s who have lived many thousand of years and knew our forefathers before us, even when they danced as children. I hear their stories of joy and sorrow. I listen close to learn from their wisdom and mistakes. Their knowledge of the spirits far greater than themselves. Deep within the great sacred forest there lives the great spirit of an ancient bloodline, la panthere noir. The African wizard warrior, master of applied biophysics he walks in the shadows of the tree God’s. He who walks the path of teacher. He who walks the path of the healer and he who walks the path of the smith. Don’t mistake the stealthy gate of the leopard for cowardice and he stalks upon his prey. When the sun set’s on the temple in the forest by the river by the seas on the darkest night of the moon I bare my feet and summon the spirits, the spirits of the light, the spirits of the fire. They hearken to my call.


My torch does flicker in the mild winds of the early night. The sacred oil of my torch is from the Okume tree ( great grandmother of Boswellia Sacra the tree that brings forth frankincense ). Sweet sticky oil drips burning from my torch and I walk upon the flames. I feel the great power of the holy spirit searing through my veins mixing with my spirit. He speaks of when he taught us to cook our food. He is a primordial spirit among the oldest of the God’s. He speaks of a time before the all beasts and all the trees. Before the earth was ripe and made a woman how she was fickle and fired hot from within and from the young Sun’s full spectrum attention.

The face of a spirit
A fiery maiden summons the holy spirit

Deep within a sacred forest there lives the great spirit of an ancient bloodline, Otorongo Blanco, grand master of the most sacred Mesa. Great Elder of chavin. Great warrior of El Brujo.

Otorongo Blanco

I believe in the mountains home of the eagle and the vulture and the leopard and the hare. Great spirits abound guarding the gates watchfully. Their flaming swords ready and drawn.

Great spirit of the mountain

I may be rusty but I know enough relativity to know black holes must exist and I have chosen to give the astrophysicist community the benefit of the doubt without studying their work in too much detail. So therefore I also believe in the primeval spirit Sagittarius A* the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy that holds the firmament in place.

Great Heart of darkness. Sagittarius A*

The guardian mother of my Sun God and hundreds of billions of other stars. The bottomless abyss. I am in awe of her power to consume entire star systems beyond the veil of darkness to a timeless place. To her also I bow in gratitude and reverence. I am wary to never ask for favors. I would not want to be indebted to her, this princess of darkness is a vengeful God. The destructive spirit. The great protector. The blackest widow. Great heart of darkness, Creator of our galaxy destroyer of worlds. This mighty serpent, she is no liar but she speaks the hardest truths. I follow her instructions to the letter that I may be spared her wrath.

The cold embrace of a stealthy warrior,

She is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob and the God of Moses. Yes I believe in them too. A strict mother. Shy to the point of invisibility. A great warrior at once both dreadful and merciful. Blood for blood, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth but no more than is just.

Moses hear sense
Moses demonstrates advanced staff craft, intimidating the water with African science

Her army guards the gates with flaming swords. The souls of her soldiers so full of heat, their jaws bloodied with the souls fallen warriors. Only the fearless can pass her gates, only those who have paid their full dues. Master of the angels. Great serpents slithering on the earth and in the waters. Majestic beasts roaming the earth. Through her loving waters and angry winds and colored sands . Angels and wizards : in the forests, in the desert, in the tundra , by the river, by the ocean, in the air and on the mountain, great or small, beasts inside beasts : all hearken to her call.

Moses and friends, guard duty by the gate

Ready to deliver their account for unsettled karma.  Ready to exact revenge from some past life : for a man slain by his brother, for a beast slain by his keeper, for a shrub slain by a beast, for a great tree slain by a great man. All the names of all the spirits of the galaxy are listed in her book of souls. All their hearts will be weighed in her scales of justice, against the lightest feather.

Image result for anubis scales
Saggitarius A* weighing the scales of divine justice

Like a wolf she thins the flock that the grass may grow by the river. She is a God born of relativistic paradox. The darkness that guards the light. Of all the God’s in the heavens of all the God’s that have ever walked the earth it is her that I fear the most. She teaches us the dance of fearlessness on the perilous path.

She was once the greatest star in the sky, a messenger of light. She was overcome by greatness. So it came to pass that she fell from grace in the heavens and her light was put out as she was compressed by her own weight to below her schwarzschild radius. A stealthy warrior lurking somewhere in the shadows.

My faith in the priesthood of astrophysics is strong but not uncritical. I believe in cosmic inflation, the white hole from which everything we know sprang forth, the big bang, the father of all other God’s mentioned thus far and hundreds of billions of galaxies. To him I give the glory, he is omni-present.

When I am called by him his voice echoes from everything and everywhere, thus I know not where to turn. So I turn to face the Sun that he may relay the father’s truths to me.

I may be rusty but I know enough of quantum mechanics and field theory to know that the cosmic inflation, God the father, the beginning of our chapter cannot be the beginning of everything. He too must have have a mother and father, beyond our the reach of that which mere mortals can grasp. I suspect the universe may be ekpyrotic and the big bang marks the beginning of our chapter. I  believe that there is much more that I do not know. I believe in the great mystery, the infinity of that which can be known. I believe there is no beginning and there is no end. The white whole and the black hole the alpha and the omega. Together with their Sun they are the holy trinity : the white hole, the black hole and the Sun. And so it goes on there is always something greater than the greatest spirit you know something beyond the horizon of your comprehension, something out of view.

I believe in the precepts for reincarnation as outlined in Ifa. As I believe they provide the mechanism for exaction of karma and divine justice. Making heaven, purgatory and hell reality here on earth.

I believe language lacks the resolution to capture reality in all it’s essence.

I believe that everything I believe might be incorrect. I believe that at least some of the things I believe must be incorrect. I believe everything you believe could be correct and I believe everything you believe could be incorrect. I believe the concept of belief is not useful. I believe rather in knowing the difference between what you know, what you don’t know and what you think or what is comfortable for you to think. I know that paradox is they nature of reality.

I believe the more perspectives you have the deeper your understanding. I believe tolerance and respect for the perspectives of others is important. I believe the intolerance and exclusivity that is prevalent in Abrahamic religions and in atheist culture is harmful to society. I believe debating in this manner is circuitous. I appreciate those who share knowledge and wisdom. I can find truth in everyone’s point of view.

I know religion was once classified as a mental disorder by Sigmund Freud but I am more inclined to find a less dismissive perspective without completely writing off the famous neurologist and inventor of psychoanalysis.  More modern perspectives in the field of psychology have proffered that mammals faced social challenges with normalizing morals for social conduct as individual populations grew to be > 150 individuals or so. Human’s however were able to co-opt religion to normalize morals across population groups of arbitrary size acting as a catalyst for social growth, reducing murder rates and tribal wars in favor of increasing oligarchical and economic warfare. The shift in expression of conflict led to the adoption of new technologies and methods to cope with new problem domains. Their older counterparts mostly forgotten.

As far as accepting Jesus as my lord and savior things become more complex. I’m not saying that I don’t but I cannot in good faith accept all the many Jesus’s  I believe in, I have to be selective. Jesus the Sun God, the Christ spirit, the bringer of light is certainly my lord and savior as he provides

  1. the gravitational mass to keep my home planet in a habitable zone orbit.
  2. A lot of energy for fueling photosynthesis and probably/maybe many other bio-energetic/bio-rhythmic processes  some of which may be as of yet undocumented/unproven

In this sense I am a monotheist there is only one Jesus for me and he is the Sun God the father. I need not have faith in that which I can and see and feel. The truth before my eyes requires no imagination and every written word is merely a shadow of this glory. I know he will rise again each day.

I believe in Jesus

They are the holy trinity. The Sun, the earth, the moon. And so it goes on, as in the heavens so also here on earth.

As amicable and accomplished as these other Jesus’s may be : personified, allegory or otherwise. I am afraid I cannot as things stand accept them as my personal lord and savoir. Role model perhaps in many respects but not all.

  1. I’ve never personally met any Jesus other than Jesus the Sun God
  2. While many possibly most key tenets of his teachings have survived an honest translation. I suspect the Roman state managed incessantly recurring Jewish  uprisings by hijacking the Jewish messianic prophecy and swapping out the warrior prophet for pacifist prophet. This is also what I would do if I were a Roman emperor dealing with a Jesus crisis.

This however does not mean I cannot believe in and learn from other Jesus’s. I think biblical Jesus was a stand up guy. Well educated, well traveled, down to earth. Mad carpentry, healing,  teaching and fasting skills. I’m not even sure Leonardo da vinci was aware of the massive biological and psychological benefits of fasting.  I’ve learned a great deal from other teachers that overlaps with some of this guys teachings. So clearly he’s a competent guy. Very noble very wise great teacher, I will try not to skip every single class. However I already have a personal lord and savior and he is a stellar fusion reactor not a human being.  I take a moment at dawn to greet my Sun God and let his sun rays through my eyes to the depth of my soul. I face the Sun and kneel this is not a prayer this is a meditation. Who am I to speak to God. I am his servant here to listen. I ask only for guidance so much is already given. I take a moment at dusk to pay tribute to give thanks. I face the Sun and stand tall this is my prayer simple and short. So many prayers to process and I don’t want to waste this guys time. I suspect biblical Jesus also practiced sun-gazing who else could have bestowed upon him the wisdom and spirit of Christ the lord and savior.

Jesus Sun Gazer
Aaron Sun gazer

I think Rome did an injustice to biblical Jesus and his political career but hey it’s a dirty game. I’m sure they felt they were doing the right thing. In particular the council of nicea has done him a great disservice with their editorial license and in some ways has portrayed him in an unflattering light.  For this reason I must take the new testament with some unspecified quantity of salt.

Whatever motivated the men who shaped Christianity into what it is today and whatever our personal opinions and disagreements,  one must stand in awe of their accomplishments. They have built modern civilization. The greatest oxymoron of all time. The doctrine of exclusiveness has fueled a colonialist capitalism that has left the many greater civilizations dead and wounded in it’s wake. They have missed a great opportunity to learn from others. Great wisdom eludes them. Wisdom that is needed in this age.

Religions have helped us build the largest civilizations but not necessarily the best. The instruments that have brought us thus far are now a danger to us all. It is time to rethink religion. It is time for us all to open up and learn from one another. United we stand divided we fall.

I believe in my brothers so faithful and strong. I believe in my teachers so humble and wise.

Papa Assosa
Neil and Maria

I believe in my brothers deep in forest, sounding the drums and dancing with the spirits.

Papa Assosa Dancing with the spirits
Petit Pe and Bebeka

I believe in the drums thundering in forest temple.

Spirit of the Drummer
Spirit of Mungonguo the first musical instrument

As an initiate of Bwete I understand that several parts of my nervous system spread out over my body including my gut, heart and brain play central roles in the existence of the human consciousness. I know that all knowledge is not cognitive and that intuitive intelligence and knowledge is important and requires hard work and study.

Woman is the giver of life, a jealous God. Man is the guardian of the warrior spirit, the taker of life, ruler of this world.

Bwete, Buddhism, Biophysics, Christianity, Ifism, Islam, Stoicism

Data Agnostic / All Systems Go

Paradox is the nature of reality

No pressure but feel free to accept Jesus as your lord and savoir too. African knowledge systems are inclusive not exclusive. No God benefits from exclusivity only the priests and politicians have that privileged. No God demands worship only reverence, love and gratitude. No spirit demands perfection only that we always try to be the best that we can be.

Everything is divine. The darkness and the light. Stay humble. There is an infinite number of ways of looking at any given thing. Unlearn first, only then can you truly learn. Understand that whatever you believe is at best a good approximation of reality. Therefore it is best to be ready to change everything you believe everyday.

In Jesus name we pray

I dedicate this essay to my great teachers
to my mother,
to my father,
to Don Howard,
to Hughes Obiang Pointevin ( Tatayo )
to Papa Assosa

Papa Tatayo in the temple of Adumagana
Papa Tatayo officiates at my initiation ceremony Papa Andre is on his left

© Ifedayo Oladapo anno domini MMXVIII The year of the Dog

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